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TOSTAQUAC - (Toast- a- wak) - Flat Tortillas with beef, topped with Lettuce and Guacamole

QUESADILLA -(Case-a-dee-yah) - Fried Flour Tortilla with Nacho Cheese

PICO DE GALLO - Made with onions, jalapeno peppers and cilantro

TACOS (Tah-kos) - Tortillas, folded and fried crisp, filled with meat, lettuce, and cheese.

GUACAMOLE (Wahkah-mo-lay) - Avocada Salad

CHALUPAS (Shah-lu-paz) - Flat tortillas with fried beans sprinkled with cheese, topped with Guacamole salad.

ENCHILADAS (En-chie-lah-dahs) - Tortillas rooled round seasoned fillings, topped with sauce and cheese.

SOPAPILLAS- Fried flour tortilla with honey and butter

CHILE RELLENOS - Bell peppers stuffed with cheese and meat

FRIJOLES REFRITOS (free-hole-ays) (Ray-free- tohs) - Refried Beans

TOSTADAS - (Tos-tah-dohs) - Tortillas cut and fried crisp in fat

CHILE CON QUESO - Cheese and Jalapeno peppers

MEXICAN PIZZA - Soft flour tortillas topped with cheese dip, ground beef, and mild sause

NACHOS - Melted cheese and Jalapeno peppers on toasted tortillas.

BURRITOS - Flour tortilla rolled around ground meat or fried beans topped with onion sauce.

TORTILLAS (Tor-tee-yahs) - Thin corn pancakes used as a base for many dishes.

TAMALES (tah-mah-lays) - Savory meat fillings steamed in corn mean casings.